The excellence is in the details

Loads of methods for customizing your kitchen.
A kitchen ought to be comfortable, wonderful to take a gander at and it ought to mirror the stylish taste of the client.
A place where you can appreciate the agreement and delight of lounging around the table and investing energy with friends and family.
In addition, this room must adjust to the necessities of every single one of us. That is the reason Cesar offers various useful arrangements that carefully total a viable kitchen.

• Wall Waiter
Wall Waiter is an inventive multi-functional module that can hold and sort out a large portion of the kitchen items.
The draw down front turns into an additional rack while the incorporated drove light lights up the worktop and the accessories often used. The modules can be utilized all alone or with other items, for most extreme arranging opportunity.

• Eero – Shell
Shell reinterprets the classic shell handle to add a modern kitchen archetype. The rounded shape of the shell along with the excellence in its details, improve the brass and the nickel finish as well as other lacquered versions.
The beauty of the results is well achieved with some refined finishes such as champagne brass and gloss black nickel, or more modern ones such as white and titanium lacquer.

• Storage
For the most ideal space use, wall and tall units, Cesar offers an extensive range of high caliber, extremely technological, interior accessories. Everything is sorted out in a compelling, organized, clean and quickly retrievable way.

• Worktops
The worktop is where the greater part of the work in a kitchen is completed. It is accessible in stone, stainless steel, ceramic and in other different materials, each of which gives an extraordinary style to the kitchen. Traditional or more metropolitan, each worktop offers most extreme flexibility of utilization.

• Sinks
The sink offers different formal and practical alternatives together with the worktop introduced on. It can have maybe a couple bowls; it can be also an inset or incorporated straight forwardly with the worktop; Cesar offers the solutions that best fulfill the specific functional and stylish requirements of the client.

• Hobs
Regardless of whether it is an induction, gas, glass or steel hob, it is one of the main points of a kitchen. It can be installed over the top or recessed into it; either way it has an important role matching or contrasting with the top’s material and finish. Even the hub of the kitchen knows how to express its own, particular, personality.

• Handles
Handles that are integrated in the door panel or applied to the doors, slanting edges or push-to-open systems: units can be opened in many, efficient and practical, ways. It all depends on the final effect you want to achieve: a kitchen with interesting, stylish details or a very linear, minimalist design? It’s a matter of choice.

• Lighting
When the lighting is installed inside base, wall, tall units and jumbo drawers, it offers a perfect view of their contents. If installed below wall units, it sheds just the right light on the worktop to make the kitchen use and the food preparation safe and easy. Lighting is fundamental in a kitchen, not only from a practical viewpoint but also because of the particular atmosphere it creates.

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