Kitchen Hazards To Watch Out For

They say a kitchen is the heart of every house and for good reason as there is nothing better than a home cooked meal. Since a kitchen is where we spend most of our time and with all the recipes and ingredients involved, we should keep a lookout for injuries in the process. It may seem uncommon, however with the involvement of sharp tools, electronic appliances, and fire; there is a level of safety involved.
We've compiled a list of kitchen rules you can follow, for starters keep all non-essential activities out of the kitchen, such as playing children, cell phones and televisions to avoid distractions.

1- Cuts
Kitchen knives should never be left lying on a counter-top or in a sink full of water or other tools.
When slicing, keep fingers curled while holding the food. Cut on a fixed straight surface, moving the knife’s edge away from your body. Use the right knife for the right task.
Also look out for can lids and hard plastic packages as they may cause nasty cuts. As for broken glass, it should be swept up with a broom and dust pan. NEVER use your hands; even for the small glass pieces, use a paper towel instead to wipe them off.

2- Fires
Keep flammable materials away from stoves or any other source of heat. Use pots that hold enough liquid on open flames, don’t forget a trivet when placing a hot pot on wood or fabric surfaces. Another rule of thumb is never pour water on a grease fire; instead use salt or baking soda. Always keep a fire extinguisher in close reach as you never know when you might need it.

Keep often-used equipment and heavy pots at low levels, and use high cupboards only for infrequently used items or food products. Avoid stepping up on chairs to reach a high product or tool, instead use a sturdy, wide steps, stool with rubberized foot pads.
Keep sponges and microfiber cloths handy for use on floors only, to wipe up all spills. Leave no shoes and loose throw rugs on the kitchen floor to avoid tripping. Cushioned rubber mats should be put at the sink and food preparation area for safety from slipping.

4- Electric Shocks
Most kitchens are filled with electric appliances that can result in dangerous shocks when they come into contact with water. Read all warning labels, obey them, and do not overload outlets. Dry your hands before plugging in and using appliances, and be sure to unplug before cleaning any appliance. Also avoid pulling on the cord; Hold the plug when pulling it from the socket.

5- Poisoning
Cleaning products, foods, medications and supplements should never be stored in the same cabinet. Never transfer cleaning solutions to unmarked or emptied food containers.

6- Child safety
Children are always discovering new things and by doing so can easily get into trouble. Keep cabinets with cleaning products and potent seasonings secured with safety locks and far from children’s reach. Also make sure not to cook while holding a child in your arms, better secure the child in a safety seat while cutting food or cooking.

Kitchen Hazards To Watch Out For

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