N_Elle. Totally new thickness and modularity

Simple, contemporary, elegant and distinguished by precious details and bold lines, Cesar has redesigned its Elle kitchen to make it even more versatile and modular. Introducing N_Elle.

Bold lines creating strict yet dramatic compositions, fine finishes and sophisticated and elegant details, 45º profiles on the doors, worktops and frames: these characteristics have always defined Elle as a kitchen system with a strong personality dictated by clean and simple volumes.
The compositions’ 45º angles make new and attractive visual effects possible, enhancing the pure lines and minimizing the–sometimes significant–thickness of the materials, which seem to disappear and create the impression of great lightness. This effect is present even in large blocks, distinguished by finishes with a strong identity.

Today, Cesar has updated this historic model to meet new aesthetic and functional demands, while preserving its hallmark contemporary looks. First, the door has been slimmed down from 2.5 cm to 2.2 cm, like for the two recent UNIT and Maxima 2.2 models. This makes it both more functional and lightweight, also from an aesthetic viewpoint. The modules have changed too, adapting to the other Cesar lines for greater adaptability and flexibility, that’s also achieved by the new line of wall and tall units. This flexibility extends to the opening systems as well, with the addition to the catalog, along with the push-to-open device, of the Inside grip edging built into the door panel.

More generally, with the sleeker lines of the new grip recess, the single-piece block looks slimmer, without sacrificing the strong presence that has always been its defining feature.

The already extensive customization options – including wood, unicolor laminates, gloss lacquer, ceramic and marble - have also been expanded, with the addiction of the new silestone composite worktop.
Three new compositions stand out in the catalog designed by García Cumini, who collaborated with Andrea Ferrari for the photos and Sudiopepe for the styling concept.
The first features an island, cabinets and countertop made of Fenix Pietra laminate, while the second pairs a brushed Grey Saint Laurent marble countertop with cabinets decked with Cenere glossy lacquer.

And for those wanting to extend the kitchen into the living area, we have a new solution focusing on simplicity and unusual pairings: in the kitchen, Rovere Nordico island, bases units and breakfast bar are paired with a Inox Mat stainless-steel worktop, structured lacquered Plumbeo tall units and Grigio Fumé glass. This sober elegance flows into the living room, where a composition with Rovere Nordico doors alternates tops in the same material with Grey Saint Laurent marble.

N_Elle, for people wanting unique compositions featuring strong material contrasts and a contemporary feel, ready to blend elegantly even into living environments.

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