Ways to Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

Learning how to cook can be an exciting and rewarding experience for children, and it can supply some of your best family memories. However, it can also supply a seemingly endless stream of inconveniences, minor catastrophes, and lots and lots of extra cleanup.

To find out how to design a kid-friendly kitchen, please check the below steps to create spaces that empower kids to work on their own and become self-sufficient, while keeping them safe and preserving a grown-up design aesthetic for the room that so often serves as the center of the home.

Adults must show children the necessity of handling food safely, to prevent illnesses from food-borne microbes and toxins.

- Adults must teach children to wash their hands for 20 seconds before touching or preparing food.

- Children must learn to wash fruits and vegetables before using them, preferably with a vegetable scrubber, and use hot, soapy water to wash all items and surfaces that have been in contact with food.

- Children must know that they should never leave food out of the refrigerator or freezer for more than two hours.

In addition, you can keep your children safe by following a few simple rules:
- Put away all detergents and hazardous substances in cupboards that are out of reach of children and always leave them in their original packaging to avoid any confusion.
- In case you spill something, dry the floor immediately to prevent the floor from becoming slippery and dangerous.
- Take care in terms of what you leave unattended on the table or work surface: matches, lighters, detergents, hot pans and anything else that can be touched or moved by a child poses a danger!
- To prevent little ones reaching their hands towards the hob and burning themselves always keep pan handles turned to the back of the hob.
- Make sure that a child understands never to touch moving mixer beaters or hot stove tops.
- Instruct children under five never to touch any knife in the kitchen, while those older than five may work with butter knives to cut soft objects.

Adults must lead by example and strictly follow the rules of kitchen safety themselves, as this will instill into children their absolute importance.

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